Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Model: Laura

OK, the set with Laura is up now. I haven't been using props much lately so I may as well explain the light bulb shots - UPS delivered the bulb during the shoot so we did a few shots with it. Simple explanation, huh?

Note that I'm doing the introductory pricing based on the "old" (current) rates, which means Feb 1st they'll not only go up to current pricing but the new rates. Just the way the timing worked out, but the upshot is that they're $30 now or $50 then.

Oh, and here's a good euphemism I heard the other day - I'm not "raising prices" I'm "streamlining my prices". (Actually I heard it in the context of layoffs - it's not "rightsizing" anymore it's "streamlining").


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