Monday, January 12, 2009

Little Updates

The new place is proceeding along. Here are the floors at the end of the process. Since then, the shutters are gone, holes filled (they were held on with a weird mix of screws and nails). They need a little touchup paint and then the new blinds will go in. They've arrived finally. The new light still hasn't - need to call them. I've noticed that they're bad about letting you know when things have actually come in. The toilet through that door has a new flapper valve (so it won't leak). It's probably about time to buy/paint/install the baseboard.

I have two studio shoots scheduled next week (not sure which studio frankly) and have a low key search out for anybody willing to work outdoors in the next week or so. The weather here has been mostly cold, sometimes wet. Today it's blustery. It's a bit of a hard sell. Once the new space is a little further along I'll probably be playing catchup - I actually would like to shoot a ton in Feb/March and bank some shots because I'm going to be busy with another project right after that and I'm not sure how it's going to impact everything yet.

My stock of books is back to normal, so no worries there if you want a copy of Nudes.

Some people have been asking me how the economy's effecting me. It's been mixed. The portrait work has been very slow. Which in the short term's fine - if I got a late-notice maternity shoot it would be hard to fit it in right now. But once I have a permanent space it should be easier to do shorter shoots like portrait work, or to give first timer models a shot with a one hour shoot... or whatever. Point is, it's flexible.

eBay sales have been up and down. They were actually really strong the second half of the year despite my attempts to divert as much as possible to direct sales, and then almost stopped Jan 1st. You can hear the tumbleweeds rolling through the eBay store at the moment, but it's always been choppy. You'll sell a thousand dollars one week, and then nothing the next. People who try it often don't stick with it and you really do need to be a little patient with it. But direct sales have been pretty good pretty consistently, and I've had a big uptick in platinum print sales. I don't know if that's a fluke or what, but I've been fitting in platinum printing fairly regularly.

So, yeah, it's been mixed and it's hard to draw any conclusions, really. I have my next price adjustment scheduled soon which will complicate matters. I haven't raised prices very often but it doesn't seem to make that much difference in sales. The first time there was a slowdown for a couple of weeks until people realized I was serious, but other than that people pretty much seem to ignore it. I think most of my regulars realize they're still underpriced and figure they'll get while the getting's good...


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