Wednesday, December 03, 2008


I'm still working on editing this set. I don't have a backlog of sets to edit after this one so there may be a gap after these get posted (hopefully on Friday). I have some tentative model shoots scheduled but I also am hopefully going to get the keys to a new place on Friday. It's larger than where I am now but it needs some TLC - there's painting and laying down some new floor and some electric work and... well, there's a list. Luckily I can do a lot of the work myself but I don't do plumbing (Other than snaking drains and so forth) or tile work as an example. But it does mean in the short term I'll probably just be fitting in a few outdoor shoots. In the long term I'll have a much more permanent shooting space (read: I won't be setting up and tearing down in my living room for every shoot) which will especially make shorter shoots like portrait work easier.

It turns out to be a bit tricky to do the bare bulb stuff with two models, especially if they have very different skin tones. But it turns out that if you use one light each and fiddle with the power you can make it work.


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