Saturday, December 06, 2008


So I officially own the new place (well, mostly the bank owns it, but you know what I mean). And really, the best way to make a new place feel like yours is to rip something up. I headed into the studio area, pulled up the carpet and underlay expecting to find concrete slab and found fairly attractive wood - possibly fir but I'm not sure. Which is interesting, because I had already purchased a bunch of cheap Ikea flooring because asking the models to pose on concrete seemed like a bit much but at the same time it's mostly going to be covered by seamless paper and doesn't need to be as impressive as all that. (carpet's no good - imagine putting paper over carpet and walking across it... in high heels...)

I need to talk to the floor refinishing guy who's coming by Tuesday to talk about the rest of the house (mostly oak) about options - it might make sense to just clean it up and wax it or something since refinishing fir is supposed to be a bit of an adventure, especially if it's second growth which is pretty soft. But I think most likely it will make more sense to just give it a bit of TLC and I can always add a fancier floor later if need be. Thankfully the wood I bought is returnable and none of the boxes were opened. I'll still need to sand some unattractive paneling and paint since it's not only ugly but it reflects some very strangely colored light into the room. (I think in retrospect the paneling and carpet were probably added in the '60s - the house was built in the early 40s - but I'm really just guessing. Perhaps the floor guy will know more about local construction patterns).

I also need some better power in there - studio strobes aren't as power hungry as old fashioned hot lights but they still need some decent power. Speaking of which, the contractor thing I mentioned earlier is still up in the air but I'm seeing a much more cooperative attitude. Hopefully that will continue.

Anyway, this might be a bit of a construction blog for a bit, but I'll see what I can do about the beautiful naked woman thing... around this time of year I usually shut down the studio anyway, because, um, that's the only place to put a Christmas tree... yet another nice change about the new place.


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