Monday, December 22, 2008

Spam story

So this guy is using a friend's hosting account for his email, back in the days before gmail and such. Well, the years go by, and apparently this person hasn't been practicing safe computing because this email box becomes spam central. Megs and megs a day of spam arrive at this guy's mailbox every day. When he goes on vacation for a couple of days he runs out of quota.

Finally he's convinced that it's time to go get a free email account, and without telling the guy who's hosting him he gets a yahoo account and until everybody's switched over sets up forwarding to the new account.

Forwarding. Of megs and megs a day of spam. To Yahoo.

Yahoo blocks everything coming from that IP address - a shared server with thousands of domains on it - and submits the IP address to spammer lists, etc. so all over the Internet sites are now refusing email from anybody on any of those domains. Luckily the hosting company figures it out and kills the forward and hopefully everything will be back to normal shortly.

Yes, I was affected... and I think I'm still seeing some bounces, so if anybody thinks they should have heard from me, and didn't... give me another shout, 'k?


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