Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Small milestones

I'm always setting little goals or sometimes noting little milestones that pass. It can be as simple as running out of shipping tubes (you have to sell a lot of 16x20s to sell out a 25 or 50 pack of shipping tubes). I know over at Magnifique she just got her 100th sale. That's when you really know you're doing OK - it's not just a fluke, or just a friend took pity on you - there's actual customers and you probably have repeat customers by now. (Go back and click that link and pick some up - it's good stuff.)

Mine? Just had to buy a new pencil.

OK, maybe I should explain. I use a #8B pencil to sign the back of the prints so it will be dark without having to press hard at all. In a pinch I'll use a #6B but a #8B is better. They wear out pretty fast since they're so soft, but still, I'll take milestones where I can find them.

(Speaking of which, if you're thinking of selling prints - ink usually smears and doesn't dry well on the back of photos. Trust me - get the #8B pencil. Just go into an art store and ask - they'll know what you mean. OK, on a mat you're supposed to press hard to leave an impression, but you should still sign the back anyway in case the customer wants to re-mat it when they get it framed. Which 99% of the time they do, which is why I don't sell them that way.)


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