Tuesday, December 02, 2008


I'm supposed to take possession of a house on Friday and I've already had a contractor try to screw me. The sellers are actually paying him but we set it up - it's all very complicated but basically getting some fire trap electric stuff fixed before we take possession so that the insurance company won't freak out.

Interestingly enough the real estate agent recommended the guy, and we went along with it because we weren't paying for it but suddenly all this crap and expense is getting dumped in our lap. It really shows you need to be careful about recommending people - the agent probably just lost the chance to sell this place and it should be as easy a sale as any can be in this market (It's small but it's one of the few around here that have remodeled kitchen and bath, and once I paint it and have the floors refinished it should be a great starter house for somebody - the reason why I'm able to trade up is because of the market compression and I'm basically moving from a smaller nice place to a larger fixer). The contractor also just lost out on some additional electric work because while I can do a lot of it I'm sure there will be plenty left over - I know I can do a lot of it myself but I'm not so sure about getting some decent power upstairs.

Likewise one of the great reasons to check references on models is so that you can go back to them and let them know the model flaked. If the photographers giving the references aren't total morons they'll hedge their bets next time, and once they hear from a couple of people that she's flaked that's that.


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