Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Quick book and other scheduling note

I made a slight miscalculation and am running out of books again. I have some on order, but they'll be a while. I have one last one on eBay and if I get really desperate I'll sell my copy (and replace it when the new ones come in) but if you want one sooner rather than later, get it now.

You can still get one direct at Lulu of course but it won't be signed. I'll be removing the oldest two books sometime tomorrow as promised. It's part of keeping focus on the newer work, and also Lulu's raised their prices and the margins have gone from bad to worse (if I bought a few, had them shipped here, signed them, and sold them on eBay between the extra shipping step and eBay fees I'd lose money).

And speaking of that focus thing, I'm doing one of my purges. I hate to even mention it, because every time I do some bozo decides to download the entire website. Luckily everything here is static HTML so it doesn't hammer CPU, just bandwidth. (At most hosts like Lunarpages you'll hit their very very fine print CPU limits long before you hit their massively printed bandwidth limit). But something like 10% of each set is disappearing, on average. It's just something I do a couple of times a year to tighten things up, keep the quality level OK even on the older sets. When a set gets slimmed down to the point of being too little to keep I remove it entirely and maybe put one or two in a little one hit wonders section if I was keeping the set around mostly because I got lucky once or twice (there's a link to that set on the top of the archive page).


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