Saturday, December 27, 2008

The new studio - during

Here's where we stand today, more or less. The cutting in has been done near the floor in that second shot but it's the only one I have that shows a side without the built-ins.

To do:
  • Change out light fixture (new low profile one is on order)
  • Paint trim - all the yellow/white stuff around the windows and between the two greys will be painted a neutral white. It's funny - against the paneling it really looked white but against the neutral greys it looks darn yellow.
  • Buy and install two pulls on cabinets
  • Window treatments - probably going with some kind of honeycomb
  • Get floor refinished (scheduled for a couple of weeks)
  • The electric isn't quite done yet (next week)
  • Add baseboard - probably just some quarter round (after floor's refinished)
  • Move in all the lights and stuff (haven't decided)


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