Saturday, December 27, 2008

More on Google Checkout

I revamped my Google Checkout test page to be GC only and not have the PayPal buttons. I was thinking that I might run with both systems for a bit (kind of a contest) but it's ugly as sin and for testing purposes isn't really necessary. I've modeled it on the introductory price template I use for the first 2-3 days after a new set comes up. I'm thinking that might be a good strategy - that will be the catch if you want the low pricing, you have to be a test subject! In the meantime, the buttons are live - feel free to buy from it, and if you have a problem please use the email address on the sidebar of this page to contact me.

The longer term roadmap is to use a 3rd party checkout that would allow a choice at the end of Paypal, Google Checkout, or a merchant account to take credit cards directly. But this will let me test the GC system without going to all that trouble, and in the short term if there's a problem with PayPal I can get the whole website switched over pretty quickly at this point. (PayPal's mostly worked pretty well for me, but I had a coincidental outage last night unrelated to my hosting company's DNS problems and it just reminded me that depending so much on one company is just asking for trouble.)

I've found it's better to just do incremental things like this and experiment a bit and see what people's reaction is rather than try to do everything all at once and then find that you've gone to all the trouble to use system X and nobody wants to use it. Or you find there's a huge response and then you know right away it's worth moving it up in priority. I know a ton of photographers who are always saying they want to sell prints but won't do it until they have EVERYTHING in place. And somehow it never happens. Whereas if you just start to get some kind of cash flow going it's a real encouragement...


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