Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Little Updates

I'm still spending an awful lot of time doing painting and such. The studio area's taking the most time - it's fairly complicated - but it's getting there. The paneling is all primed, dried, and the room is mostly painted. Now it needs more power (even strobe units are power hogs when they're recharging) and the floor to be refinished, and some little stuff like there's a light fixture that has to go.

But you know how it goes - there's always a million little unanticipated things like you pull off the old thermostat (the kind with enough mercury to turn the place into a superfund site if you dropped it) and find that the new modern thermostat is much smaller and doesn't cover the hole, so you get to do some wall patching. Or you go to change the locks and realize they have old-style holes and you need to cut modern ones. It's no big deal but a lot of things that should be 5 minute jobs then require a trip to get some tools you didn't think you would need and suddenly it's a project.

There's a full week when I won't be allowed in the new place while the floors are being refinished so if I put together that lighting guide I've been considering it will happen then.

On the plus side I did get a couple of million dollars as part of the federal artist bailout package. Unfortunately I'd intended to buy a Senate seat with that but they're apparently really cracking down lately.

I'm trying to get some outdoor nude work done but as I noted the other day the weather hasn't exactly been cooperative. I might squeeze in one last studio shoot if I can make it work before the tree goes up but we'll see. I did I think 32 nude model shoots for this website in 2008 so far which is quite a few, really.

I haven't set any goals for 2009 yet in terms of numbers - I need to think a bit first about direction. I'd like to do more two (or more!) model shoots, and track down another fire spinner, and do more outdoor stuff with artificial lighting (people are doing amazing things by getting portable strobes off camera with wireless setups). The new space will be much better suited for some kinds of long exposure work, especially light painting - it has some great windows but they're much easier to block off than the current space. And of course if some great traveling model is going to be in the area I'll crank out some figure work, plan or no plan. Like with Tavia - I found out the night before I could shoot her for two hours, so I did. So basically the approach is to find some goals so that I can start looking for the right people for the more exotic stuff, but at the same time being flexible enough to take advantage of any short term opportunities.


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