Sunday, December 28, 2008


Just venting a bit - after two Mondays in a row of getting rained out, tomorrow's supposed to be a great day to shoot, and I have a model all lined up. Tonight about 13 hours from the shoot, she mentions she has to be at such and such a place at such and such a time and can I drive her. Driving her wouldn't be a problem... if it were after the shoot. We would only be able to be at the location for about an hour, and it takes probably 15 minutes to walk to the first good area to shoot, so we'd be shooting for about half an hour. I stay out as long as the light's good or about three hours, whichever happens first. I'm not going to do all that running around before dawn to shoot for half an hour, so I guess we're not shooting. Weird.

This is exactly why I almost never shoot outdoors with somebody unless I've worked with them in-studio first and know they're 100% reliable. Oh, well, at least I found out now instead at 6:00am tomorrow or when I picked her up.

The good news is that this should be the last year of me running around trying to shoot outdoors during the rainy season because the studio's out of action. With the new, dedicated space it should be a lot easier to schedule things. I still like shooting outdoors this time of year - it's very pretty - but at least it can be on more of a "we'll shoot outdoors unless it's raining and then we'll just use the studio" basis.

I do still have a pre-meet with a model tomorrow, and I think three studio shoots scheduled next month but I think the CK and Maria set is going to be the last of 2008. That's not so bad, it was a nice shoot, and it ended up being #32 for the year which is right where I wanted to be. And coincidentally a gorgeous gal just wrote to me asking if I would like to work with her... funny how that works out sometimes!


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