Thursday, December 18, 2008

eBay store restocked

I just listed a bunch of items in my eBay store. For those of you who aren't eBay experts (and I don't blame you one bit) the "store" section basically doesn't appear in searches, but if you find a seller you like you can see more of their stuff. It's not an auction - the items just sit there until somebody buys them, more like a regular store. The advantage from a seller's perspective is that they're super cheap to list, but the downside is if one sells they really nail you with fees and there's a monthly fee to have one. The main reason it's worthwhile is impulse purchasing - since they're all in stock if you buy one and pay right away you get the prints super fast. A secondary reason is combined shipping - people will get a couple of auction items and then skim through the store looking to pick up one or two items while they're at it. So it's good to have, although if you don't mind the three business day wait for me to get prints from the lab you should order here (better selection and free shipping if you buy enough).

Anyway, what happens over time is that as pictures sell it starts to get kind of stripped of the popular stuff and so basically now and again I need to see what's missing and see what models are newer than the last time I listed items and beef it back up. I just did that. Mostly black and whites because those have been selling really well lately and that section was getting pretty thin.

Model news...

I had a great pre-meet with a lovely and charming 18 year old who wants to pose for me. And it was a big surprise - she just had snapshots and they don't do her justice at all. Unfortunately it will be a little while before we can make the shoot happen (she might end up being the first gal in the new studio depending on timing). The weather continues to frustrate outdoor shoots but I keep rescheduling them and we'll just have to see how it goes. But it's quite possible I won't have any new material in December.

And a kelp story...

A bit of background - there are a lot of these model shooting events that I don't quite understand. Somebody with a studio will make some extra money by basically booking in a model all day and then line up photographers to shoot her at a higher than normal rate and pocket the difference. This one charges extra if you want to borrow studio gear and get some help using it, so it becomes more like a workshop. But usually these things don't check out the "photographers" at all - you get these guys who just want to check out a hot nude model and couldn't get one on their own, but the model feels safer because it's not at some guy's house and presumably the studio owner's around and all that. Maybe there's a bouncer too, I have no idea.

Anyway, I got a flyer from a model for one of these things. Mass mailing to photographers and she kept the whole list in the to: field. No "how are you" not even any "Could you please post this to your blog" - it's hard to say because there was no text at all but she apparently thinks I might be interested. I've worked with her twice and the rate for this one shoot would be the same as both of our shoots put together (and it's short, so per hour it's four times what I paid her). And the kicker? Of the five shots to show how attractive she is? Yep, one of them's mine - taken over a year ago (which is kind of a long time for a model's portfolio). So she's using my own shot to sell me the opportunity of driving Lord knows where to drag all my gear to some studio that might not be as nice as mine to pay four times the prior rate to shoot her with a "standard" model release that probably doesn't cover my needs.


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