Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Silver Fiber prints up for auction

I really don't want to be carrying an inventory of these (things are complicated enough as it is without adding another type of print into the mix) so I've moved my two silver fiber prints I have on hand into auction on eBay. It takes two weeks to get these back from the custom lab, and I'm about to bump up prices on these, so if you want to check one out cheap and fast now's your chance. They're lovely prints - it took the lab a couple of tries to get them how I like them but they look great, they're more archival than regular photographs, and in terms of collectability I would expect the high end prints to outperform the regular lab prints. Yes, they're a little more expensive in relative terms, but my art's very affordable so in a larger context they're quite inexpensive.

Which reminds me... it does look like I'll be moving soon, and doing some remodeling before that. I'm not sure yet of all of the details but as an example I'm not sure how easy it's going to be for me to make things like platinum prints on demand. I may have to temporarily remove that as an option, and just make some I like when I get a chance. I may just bump up the prices to the next notch a bit earlier than planned to account for the hassle factor. I'm not sure yet if it will even be an issue at all though.

There also may be a lull in shooting at some point as the studio moves location... but maybe not, because I can always shoot outdoors and the studio's not too hard to move all at once once I put in a suitable floor and more power. It should be an improvement over what I'm doing now which is setting up and tearing down everything for every shoot - instead I'll be able to just have a permanent shooting space. It should make shorter shoots, like portrait shoots, easier.

This isn't going to happen immediately, it's just a bit of a heads up. And I'll try to give some kind of warning before any kind of major change, but if you've been thinking about getting a platinum print or cyanotype you might want to do that sooner rather than later.


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