Sunday, November 16, 2008

New postal rates

January 18th the USPS rates go up for packages. Rates for letters go up in May 2009 if I understand this correctly. It's not much different from now for the flat rate envelopes so by the time you're done adding in other mailing expenses (packing material, the label, etc. etc.) it's still a bit north of $6 but not high enough to make it worth rounding to $7. It's usually the international prices that I really have to keep an eye on - those look like they're going up a bit more so I may have to adjust for that a bit. It's always kind of complicated - as an example the tubs for 16x20s are a couple of bucks each and you have to factor that in somewhere.

As it happens I was going to do my next print price increase a couple of weeks after that so most likely I'll hold off to do any shipping adjustments at the same time. I'll still have free shipping at some cutoff based on the amount I'm saving on eBay fees to encourage folks to buy direct so for folks who buy in larger batches it's really of no consequence.

In other news - I mentioned large format the other day. I was able to load up a film holder with a shot, go across the street, take a picture of the house, get it into a tank, develop it... and everything came out OK. The next step is to do some more test shots to test the three holders I have and see if they're all OK. They were free and they're obviously kind of old so I don't want to do anything critical with them just yet. It's also clearly going to be a bit tricky to load the tank up with six shots at a time (the most it can handle) so I'll probably do two shots next time, then four, then six... kind of work up to it. It's kind of a backburner project so it might take a while but just getting a good 4x5 inch negative out is pretty fun.

The picture of Laura Lee is just to perk things up a bit.


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