Friday, November 07, 2008

New Pictures: Maria

I just uploaded the new set with Maria. This set was partially an exercise in using some different lighting modifiers, and partially we just wanted to do some fun dress-up stuff. I ended up putting the whole thing in the nudes section because she's not very dressed up, but it's still kind of a nice change of pace. The nudes in particular probably look similar to ones I've done in the past with Maria - sometimes when I use different modifiers the difference is subtle - it might just be a bit "stronger" or a bit more "feminine" in the final print, and sometimes it's useful to go through these exercises with an experienced model I'm comfortable with so I can see exactly what the difference is and it just gives me more tools for later.

This particular image is kind of funny - I'm not sure I'll keep it forever but I wanted to share it. You may need to click on it to see what's going on. See the blown out area around her knees? That's where the light is - the light's actually pointing away from the camera, but with a bare bulb so light's going all kinds of directions, shooting between her legs, and then going through the various lens elements and you end up with that kind of effect. Kind of fun.


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