Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Pictures: Finch

One day earlier than promised, even.

So there's something I need to explain - there's actually two versions of this set. One less retouched, and one more retouched. I suspect that most people are going to like the more retouched one more in this case, but we'll see.

Other news... I took a couple more large format shots and developed them. The whole film loading/unloading/developing thing's going pretty smoothly but it's clear that my ancient free holders have some issues so I'm going to go ahead and get some new (or possibly just less used) ones. So I'll hold off on any more large format stuff until I get that resolved, but I think I can go to taking and developing four shots at a time next time. (It's partially a confidence thing - if I really screw something up I don't want to waste a lot of film. It also has to do with physically spacing them in the developing tank and how nicely I can do that.) I also realized that Freestyle has Arista film in 4x5. It's kind of a student film - really cheap but decent quality. I like it because it develops nicely in Rodinal. Anyway, I'll pick some of that up so it will be more like 50 cents per shot versus the dollar per shot film I'm using now.

Other than that, lots of stuff going on but nothing I want to announce quite yet...


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