Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lighting guide?

So I'm curious about something and I thought I might as well do a poll. People keep asking me how some particular lighting setup works, and I try to describe it a bit. (Often they never write back to thank me, by the way - if you ask somebody for some information for free, and they provide it, do thank them or you may find they just stop bothering).

As a result I've had it in the back of my mind for a while that it might be useful to have a little guide - maybe a 25-30 page book that would have maybe a dozen setups. Each pair of pages would be something like a picture using that light on one side, and the other side half would be a lighting diagram and the other half text about the lighting. It wouldn't be a general purpose lighting book (there are plenty of those already) but I'd try to fit in a lot of more general concepts in the text.

Cost would be something like $10 as a download, and maybe $20ish in book form (I'd do it through Lulu so it's just a question of playing with their cost calculator to get the price). I'd probably do it as a winter project and be selling it early in 2009.

Is anybody interested in actually paying money for this, or are people only interested in free advice? I'm breaking this out into photographer/non-photographer because I have some indication that non-photographers are curious about how this stuff works. I'll leave this up maybe a week or so and if there's interest perhaps I'll ask some followup questions about the details.

Update: Poll's closed. Results were interesting - as a percentage, wild support. But the total number of people responding was very, very low compared to the blog traffic. In particular "I'm not a photographer and I'm not interested" had zero votes and I'd expect that to be the largest group. I can only assume non-interested non-photographers just didn't bother to vote at all.

I think really it will come down to how busy I am around Christmas - if it seems like something I can knock out fairly quickly I might go for it, since it sounds like I might get a little cash up front and going forward if people ask me basic lighting questions I can just refer them to the guide. If it's a cheap but useful download I won't feel too bad doing that. But it sounds like it's not worth a major effort - just make it basic but useful.


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