Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lensbaby Nudes

I've been meaning to play with my Lensbaby in the studio some more, but with a lot of recent shoots I've been just a bit tight on time and it hasn't really been a priority. But I took quite a few shots with Emily - the set on Friday should have quite a few Lensbaby nudes.

Click on this one to see the effect a little better.

If you don't want to wait, the last time I took more than a couple was with Mouse (I think).

If anybody's curious, the one I have is the one they're calling the "Muse" now - I'd get the "Composer" at this point which seems to provide the best balance between control and spontaneity. It's at f/8 - note that I'm using the 5D here and the effect is much, much stronger with a full frame sensor. With a crop sensor you would pretty much just get the sweet spot, so I'd open up quite a lot to get the same effect.

I really need to remember to bring it the next time I do an outdoor nude shoot - the effect on the background can be very interesting.


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