Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dies Irae

I don't play a ton of computer games anymore, but I like the Call of Duty series, and I went ahead and picked up the latest "World At War" version. It's gotten somewhat mixed reviews but I was impressed that they put in some Pacific Theater stuff, so what the heck.

So I'm playing along, and it's at the point in WW II where it's towards the end of the war and the Soviets are pretty much rolling along slaughtering Nazis with overwhelming force. And off in the distance this music starts playing. It starts out pretty soft - in a distant room - and I had my speakers down pretty low so I didn't pay it much attention. But as it got louder, I realize it's Mozart's Requiem. And in particular Dies Irae. For those who aren't familiar with it - it's about Judgement Day. The text translates roughly as "Day of Wrath, Day of Terror, man, you're screwed, oh so screwed, really really screwed". (I'm sure Google will supply a better translation on request).

Which, really, is just plain disturbing. I wonder how many people in their target audience know what it is? Then again, even if you don't know the words the meaning's pretty clear. Take a listen...


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