Thursday, October 23, 2008

Some nice stuff

So since I think the blog's been sounding much grouchier than I actually am, here's some other stuff...

I went to a great Flogging Molly concert Monday night at the Fillmore. The place was packed - I've never been to a sold out show at the Fillmore before. There are no seats (well, a few on the side, but not enough to matter) so everybody's just packed in, sweating on each other, and if you're old like me trying to avoid the crazy moshing that took up a ton of the floor. People were drinking so much I saw a gal collapse and get taken away after the second opening act - she never even made it to the main act. It's pretty old school - it's the one place I'm likely to be at where people still hold up actual lighters (instead of something safer), and nobody seems to mind if you smoke as long as there's no tobacco involved. Apparently it was much calmer at the show the previous night but it's always a bit odd seeing a concert there.

I got a "tactical beverage entry tool" from LaRue tactical who clearly has a sense of humor. They tend to throw one in if you buy something, so if you're a rifle guy you probably have one of these or know about them anyway, but they were new to me. It doesn't look like much but it's a great little product - you can use the center area to twist off bottle caps, or one of the feet turns out to be perfect to pop off bottle caps, and the tail and rear foot let you open up cans where the tab snapped off or whatever. The eyehole's a good size to tie it to something so it doesn't walk away.

And it sounds silly, but every time I use this thing it just makes me happy - it's such a clever design, and it's nicely made, and it just plain works. And with everybody selling tactical-this and tactical-that (because it's black and they think they can sell it for more that way) it's nice to see somebody who doesn't take it too seriously.

Also if anybody wants to see how Yosemite is looking right now, I have some snapshots over at the hobby/travel/whatever site. (That's where this picture is from - that's milkweed).

One final thing... I've made some changes to international (non-US) shipping. I figured out how to have different pricing for Canada and Mexico - $12 instead of $15. And I put in free shipping for orders over $150. The individual picture pages don't say anything about this yet, but you'll see it in checkout. (and if you don't, email me - the address is in the sidebar over there on the right)


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