Friday, October 10, 2008

Some book news

For no obvious reason, sales of my latest book Nudes, have perked up a bit and my fancy inventory control ("Hmm, that pile's getting low") wasn't up to the task. I have one copy left which is listed on eBay, but after that there could be a delay while fresh copies are slowly winding their way to me via the cheapest possible shipping method (oops). So if you have your heart set on getting one soon, I'd suggest picking it up, buying an unsigned copy of that or my prior books from the publisher, or just planning on waiting a bit if need be.

Speaking of the prior books, I've generally been making a push towards highlighting the newer material (I just did a big eBay store revamp, removing older items, I've pushed a bunch of sets from the current page to the archive page, and even retired a couple of older sets altogether). In that vein I'll be retiring the two older books, "San Francisco Nudes" and "Simplicity" on Jan 1st, 2009.

Update: Oops, well, minutes after I posted this somebody bought the last copy. So go with the publisher, or if you want a signed one use the shopping cart on the books page and I'll ship one when I get it (might be a couple of weeks).


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