Thursday, October 30, 2008

Silver Fiber Update

Well, last nice I received a reprint of my two silver fiber test prints. The initial test was kind of a disaster. And sure enough these look totally different. And it's not just that these are actually sharp (not just in a sharp filter kind of way, the old ones had this kind of strange out of focus look). On one print the body's in a totally different tonal range and on the other I'd noticed that they didn't seem to be using the whole tonal range and the dark areas... weren't... and it's very nice on this print.

I don't know what all changed but it's like night and day. I laid them out with a lab print in addition and showed them to somebody and asked them to rank them from best to worst and without hesitation ranked them old fiber print, lab print, new fiber print. For both shots.

I should have some kind of announcement in the next day or so about pricing.

Update: I put the two test prints up on eBay. I just put them in the store for now, so if somebody wants them they won't have to wait for an auction to end. These may be the only two I ever list on eBay - I don't intend to keep these in stock, or very rarely. It's more of a special order thing and eBay isn't well suited for items that take two weeks to come back from the lab...


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