Saturday, October 11, 2008


So it's getting harder and harder to read blogs right now - you'll get some interesting blog about pottery, or art, or raising their kids and it's all very interesting and then all of a sudden they'll throw in some lunatic rant about whichever Presidential candidate they don't like. And instead of bringing up any of the many legitimate concerns one might have about either candidate, they bring up some lunatic rumor they heard from a friend of a friend who's on some political forum, and you can barely recognize the original version in their mangled retelling, and the original version's been debunked anyway.

In an extreme version on one website I visit there's one photographer I know who in addition to his regular account has a sockpuppet account for some of his naughtier work who has had recent political rants on BOTH accounts. Kind of double dipping, as it were. Personally I think he just likes attention, but not all attention is good.

Geeze, people, if you're going to rant about this stuff, at least do some basic fact checking first! Or keep it vague, like "That other candidate sucks!" Or perhaps do it on a political forum where not only will people be more interested in what you have to say, they'll correct some of your crazier ideas so you won't look like a total moron in front of the people who are usually so impressed with your knowledge of basketweaving or whatever it is your blog's normally about.

And if you post stupid rants anyway, and then go on to delete the comments of people trying to gently correct you because you've quoted three urban legends with no basis in fact, you get extra points for that. Or if you end your post telling people in advance that you'll delete their comments, because Waaah! somebody disagreeing with you would hurt your feelings. Lies Waaah! All lies! But if you did that, you wouldn't be able to post "Why do those stupid members of the other party believe X? How stupid!" or "How can they believe both X and Y at the same time? What hypocrisy!" Because, what, if you actually communicated with a member of the other party, and found out that they don't believe X that wouldn't be any fun? Or if only the most extreme edge of the party believes that, and the rest of the party has disavowed them? For 20 years? And they haven't had any power since then? Gosh, you might even find out they're people and everything. And really, where's the fun in that?

Yes, I do feel better now, thank you for asking.

Update: This wasn't about any one person - I literally have four or five recent posts by different people in mind. I heard second hand that somebody thought this was about them and got upset and there really was no need, although if more than half of this post sounds familiar maybe you should think about what I'm saying, even if it isn't specifically about you.


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