Sunday, October 05, 2008

Little Updates

I went to the sausage and suds festival - my little town has a lot of sausage and other food companies (something to do with a really good waste water treatment plant) so I'm happy. I actually don't drink so the suds are wasted on me, but there's something nice about sausage cooked with lots of their friends so the whole area has a cloud hanging over it that you can smell for a mile away.

The Orixx set should go up Monday morning or afternoon, doing the introductory rates thing again until Wednesday at noon. I'll officially decide to continue it or not after this set, so no promises after this one, but it does let regulars grab some shots without seeing if they'll show up on eBay or not and it's just nicer for everybody.

I have this kelpy traveling model that I'll never work with because she cancelled one shoot (because she was going to be in a different part of the state - didn't realize California couldn't be driven across in an hour apparently) and then she effectively cancelled another shoot later that summer by trying to squeeze more money out of me just before ths shoot. And basically she's in town four times a year and always asks me to shoot with her.

Well, this trip I've gotten multiple notes from her, because she found me on a photographer's forum and is spamming me there as well. And I'm wondering - when will it end? Every time some comes through, will she write to me once from the modeling site, and once from a nude art site I'm on, and one replying to the email thread from our prior failed shoots, and...


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