Friday, October 03, 2008

Great Big Sea!

Last night I got to see Great Big Sea in concert - they're a Canadian band (from Newfoundland) and while they tour quite a bit they don't make it down this far south very often. They do a nice mix of traditional/new songs and I've always heard they're wonderful in concert but this is the first chance to see them in person. Turns out they were even better than I'd heard. Plus - first row, was with a beautiful woman, and I ended up with a pick which is a nice keepsake.

It was a nice long concert and we headed out tired but happy. And then of course it turns out that they closed the entire freeway just before the bridge and we got led on a half hour tour down one ramp, a couple of turns, and back on the last onramp before the bridge. You would think they would have had warning signs on the way over so we could have gone another way but nooooo.....

I would have liked to sleep in (one of the nice things about being a starving artist - I set my own hours) but I had a pre-meet at 9:30am at a local coffee place. That I'd rescheduled because her work allegedly changed her hours. And then of course she no showed - thanks! In a sense this is exactly why I do these meetings - I only wasted 15 minutes on her instead of a whole studio setup/teardown - but I think I'm going to go back to bed....


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