Saturday, October 25, 2008

Gas Prices

Today was a big errand day, working my way south doing things like getting my flu shot (Kaiser) and buying a pumpkin (Ardenwood farm which for the first time in 40 years didn't do a massive pumpkin patch but still had nice pumpkins for sale (grown elsewhere) - hopefully they'll be fully back next year). And at one point I bought gas. Along the same street I noted these prices (dropping the 9/10) all on the same street within a mile of each other.

Chevron - $3.21
Shell - $3.31 (these guys are always a bit more expensive)
Arco - $3.05 (cash only price)
Costco - $2.79 (cash only member only price).

Costco tends to follow the daily price very aggressively - it's clear the other stations figure gas has gotten so much cheaper people are glad to pay $3.25ish without comparison shopping. But a 40-50 cent per gallon spread's pretty impressive!

Oh, and that's Miette. Her set's coming along nicely and hopefully I'll have it up in a couple of days.


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