Sunday, September 21, 2008

Little Updates

I'm working on Maria's set - I'll probably get those done around Wednesday. I have two shoots scheduled this month and am tentatively thinking I'll head back outdoors for a bit before the rainy season starts.

eBay as always is up to its usual tricks. They're requiring various handling times and return policies to be added to every auction, so that's hundreds of items to edit and their Turbo Lister program doesn't handle all the options which can make bulk edit tricky. They're changing their best match algorithm daily - the search results really make no sense. Part of the problem is that they're trying to mix up auctions and fixed priced sales in a way that frankly they weren't meant to be mixed. They're trying to become Amazon without the economies of scale and without dropping auctions too quickly. They're interested in dropping auctions because so many people have had bad experiences and it's not fun anymore and they don't want to wait a week to get their item - but many of the changes eBay's made the whole experience less fun.

They basically have no idea why they were successful in the first place and are terrified that it will stop at any moment, so they're trying to jump onto the next big thing before that happens. They have enough resources that it will probably work out for them in the end, but in the meantime they're making massive changes every couple of months and even full time sellers are having trouble keeping up with them, and it doesn't help any that they usually manage to screw up the actual implementation - every time there's a change rolled out it's done in some half assed way.

I'm doing OK there - I'm having my best September ever, so far, and it's my fourth one as a serious seller - but every time they do something crazy I spend that much more time on the website here, beefing up the shopping cart, improving the layout, gently trying to get buyers to check things out because they could basically flip a switch at any moment and become useless to me.


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