Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Jury Duty

It was kind of an odd experience. The Hayward courthouse was the only one that called anybody in, and even the regular jury waiting room people were on vacation. They had to call down the ladies from Oakland, which they could do since Oakland didn't need anybody. But here's how it worked...

8:00am show up at courthouse, go through airport style security (put shoes in the bin, etc)
8:30am get welcomed, told orientation starts at 8:45
8:45am practical stuff -how to validate parking ($1 off) and where the restrooms are and the cell phone policy and all that.
9:00am watch inspiring video that made us all really want to do jury duty
9:20am get told there's only one trial today and they're not quite ready for us yet and to come back in an hour.
10:30 get told the trial "went away", thank you for serving, don't forget to validate parking.
10:45 finally fought my way out of parking lot as 100 people all tried to pay and leave at once, with one cash-only booth.

Exciting, huh? I just wrote to models for two tentative shoots this week, one who needs to do a pre-meet, and two who I've met with and am ready to schedule. If you're a model I've been talking to and I somehow forgot you drop me a note...

It felt a lot like a combination of waiting to take a flight to someplace unpleasant combined with a DMV trip. I would have liked to have been on a trial as long as it was relatively short, but given the risk of a nasty trial (and it scares me that they called in 100 potential jurors for one trial) this works too, and I'm good for 12 months.


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