Monday, September 22, 2008

Amazon drops price protection

Well, that sucks. Amazon used to have a policy - I've mentioned it before - where you could contact them within 30 days of buying something and if the price went down they'd refund the difference. It wasn't automatic, you had to ask, but if you bought a big ticket item you didn't have to worry about timing, you could just do it and not worry about it. Well, they've removed the policy - there's no mention now on their website - and apparently if you write to them it's only good for items purchased before September 1st. But they never warned anybody so if you bought a camcorder or something without trying to time it, well, tough for you. Like you were supposed to check the policy after every purchase.

Luckily word's getting out, so at least now I know, but that was a good part of why I shopped on Amazon. I'll be a lot more likely to shop around and watch the price and maybe order from someplace else.


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