Friday, September 19, 2008

Aargh Matey: Post Shoot Notes: Maria

I got a grid for my beauty dish (I'll make a post about that tomorrow) and needed a test subject. Poor Maria got to be the victim. It's always nice to do experimental stuff with an experienced model - you can just focus on the experimental stuff and not be teaching her how to pose at the same time, and often they've seen enough lighting setups that they can contribute ideas as to angles or whatever. Plus Maria's just a lot of fun to hang out with, and when something's not working it's a heck of a lot nicer being with somebody pleasant.

These two shots ironically enough are from the small part of the shoot that wasn't with the beauty dish - the first image is an example of a kind of lighting I've been playing with the last couple of shoots and I wanted to see how it looked, and the second is something I thought Maria might like to see (she was curious about how a particular shot worked that I did with somebody else and we played around with some similar stuff). As always, probably not the best shot in the group, I just grab one from the thumbnails. But I'll make a beauty dish post in a day or two once I've had a chance to look at them, and it will be a bit of a product review since this grid is something that's sold by a guy who just spotted a gap in the market and started having these things made and I don't know if folks know about him. I'll dig up his URL when I do the followup post.


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