Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Prints prints prints

I'm pretty much making platinum prints and not a whole lot else this week. I can only make a small number per day so if I want to try making a bunch it just sucks up a ton of time but it worked pretty well offering more choices pre-made in cyanotype so we'll see what happens if I double or triple the number of platinum prints on eBay. You can order a handmade print of any image on the site but most people have trouble imagining what it will look like until they actually see a picture of that exact image. So I'm taking a gamble and going nuts with paper and expensive metals and time and just going for it.

I'll try to do some editing of my photo backlog as well but it's hard to really concentrate on anything when you're jumping up every five minutes to rock a tray or whatever so I end up listening to podcasts and such.

I did have some shoots scheduled this week - one we had to reschedule and the other shoot turned out to be a no-go (it's a good thing - I'll probably roll some of it into a kelp post eventually). I'm hoping to do a quick clothed outdoor night shoot Friday. Should be fun and educational. I also have a gal dropping by tomorrow who's a potential model - from the one snapshot I have she looks really great but it's not really enough to commit to a shoot. I suggest they either send more pictures or just meet me and occasionally somebody would rather just meet - I'd say I end up shooting with about half of them.

I actually should do more pre-meets, at least with models who aren't really established and don't really have a portfolio. I hate taking the time and models often don't have time either but I've been burnt on some models who looked good on paper but didn't really pan out which has made me very paranoid in general. So maybe I'll try that for the rest of the year - no shoots without pre-meets for non-established models.

I have two shoots scheduled later in August that have tremendous potential but as always these things tend not to be too predictable and I don't want to get too excited yet. Ones with a great traveling art model and one's somebody I've worked with before and like.


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