Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Post Shoot Notes: Sie ist Idaho

As usual, just two shots that looked nice from the thumbnails.

I've wanted to work with her for a long time - we actually set this up six months ago when she first planned on passing through the area.

I'm officially a couple of shoots behind in editing now, and I have a couple of rolls of film to develop as well, and another set of platinum prints I want to make so I'm not sure exactly what is going to happen in what order but I'll muddle through it all eventually.

Oh, and a note for the locals - the Women Impressionists exhibit at the Legion of Honor is excellent (I love Mary Cassatt). I made it to the Chihuly exhibit at the de Young earlier, so that just leaves the Frida Kahlo at SFMOMA and I'll be through the summer exhibits. Whew! (And if you're looking for good art in the area, the other museum to see is the Asian Art Museum which is always reliable.)


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