Friday, August 01, 2008

New Pricing

As I've mentioned before, I didn't update my pricing for way too long and in 2008 I'm trying to at least partially fix that. Here's your fair warning of the next increase - I've settled on the date being August 15th. (No particular time - basically whenever I finish uploading the files). eBay auction prices typically start around 20% less. In particular 8x10s will be starting at $29.95 at auction which isn't much different from now.

Lab prints:
8x10 $39.95
11x14 $74.95
16x20 $149.95

Handmade prints:
Cyanotype $124.95
Platinum $199.95
Cyanotype over platinum $349.95

Remember - this is good news if you already own prints, and you have a couple of weeks to load up. Think of it as receiving stock quotes two weeks in advance.

My tentative plan is to have another general increase in early 2009 and then this should settle down to more like an annual thing.


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