Sunday, August 31, 2008

New Model: Sie ist Idaho

I just uploaded a new set. You should see this shot at full resolution - adorable but lightish freckles. The print's going to look awesome.

On other matters - the response to the twitter has been that nobody cares, so for now I'll just use it for major updates like a new set and see what happens. The link's over in the sidebar.

I checked the web page for jury duty status in my county and my courthouse is the only one that wants anybody for Tuesday. So much for the plan that I'd be safe the day after labor day. On the other hand the phone version says to call back Monday after 4:00pm so maybe they're just being conservative and they'll update the website. I actually know somebody who had that happen in the same county - they had a Monday date and it said one thing all weekend until Sunday evening when it changed.

I'll serve if called, of course, but the timing is awkward - I have a bunch of models who really want to work with me and I've been putting them off because I don't know when I can schedule anything. And I don't have a maternity shoot scheduled in the next little while but sometimes I get those at the last minute and if somebody gets put on bedrest or gives birth a little early and I lose out on a shoot I'm going to be unhappy and the new mom's going to be unhappy and it's just generally a bad situation.

But if there were no downsides to being self employed everybody would do it...


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