Sunday, August 10, 2008

More on pre-meets

To follow up on this - I'm more and more thinking just to switch modes and require some kind of meeting with non-established models unless there's a Darn Good Reason. There's two recent things that reinforced this.

1. I had a meeting with a model who was very, very unsure of herself, to the extent that she didn't want to move more than a couple of feet from the door. We had most of our conversation across the room. Lovely woman but not exactly the strong, confident type I'm looking for. But much better to find out before committing to a shoot. (She was also 20 minutes late which is pretty much a deal breaker to me anyway - I've noticed that the gals who are that late tend to have other issues - it's part of the whole package.)

2. I broke another rule (sigh) and met a model for an outdoor shoot without meeting her first. That's a long standing one - it's awful going to some remote location and the model isn't there and she keeps calling to say yes she's late but she's a minute away (which she keeps up for 20 minutes). And then it just got weird - suffice to say the shoot never happened. I only broke the rule because it wasn't very far, and it was just a brief test of using a strobe outdoor at night, and it was a clothed shoot so less chance of her getting cold feet. Plus I had her call at the point where I would have to start getting gear together, and she did that much on time. But really, by the time you load up even minimal gear and triple check that you have everything and drive and then sit there and then drive back it's two hours of my life that I won't get back. And she was so kelpy that it would have been immediately obvious if I'd met her in person.

Again, if somebody's established enough that I can check references that's another matter. But as a matter of routine I'm going for the meetings with the new folks.

The good news is that the printmaking went really well last week (I'm going to try to make some more cyanotype over platinum prints shortly) and I'm just about done editing the set with Mouse, and I have I think two model meets and three shoots scheduled in August so hopefully something will come of that.


Blogger Nakayama said...

It's a problem everyone in the industry faces, and we all deal with it different ways. Now, with new models (mine are almost *always* nude shoots) I do tend to have them come by the studio on a day when I'm on another shoot first, so I can gauge punctuality, personality and so on. And if they are willing to make an extra drive a week or two before the shoot they almost always show up the day of.

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Richard Rasner
Nakayama Studios
AKA Unique Nudes

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