Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Misty May

I bought a new humidifier - some of the alt process techniques are humidity sensitive - and basically either you can get big industrial ones or smaller ones designed for sick kids which tend to be on the cute side. I don't need a huge one so mine looks like a penguin that spews fog from its beak. So I nicknamed it Misty May.

So the plan for this week is to make some cyanotype over platinum prints, photograph the various handmade prints I made last week so I can sell them online, write a little commentary for my vacation shots on my hobby site, go through old work and create some non-nude sets here (landscapes, flowers, critters) which hopefully will go pretty fast now that I've got my vacation stuff online... what else... edit Merilyn's set although I may not do that until next week. On the 15th I have to tweak my templates for the new pricing and regenerate the website and upload it, and then update the prices on all of the eBay items - hopefully I can get Turbo Lister to do that. It mostly works well for multi-editing prices but it can be a bit flaky.

I'm also spending some time in the evenings practicing drawing with my new tablet while skimming through the Olympics from the day before. Plus the usual background noise stuff - list photos on eBay, order prints, package up prints, go to the post office, etc. etc. etc.

I don't know how interesting any of that's going to be on a day to day basis, but if any of it ends up being blog-worthy I'll post about it in more detail.

Speaking of the tablet, just for the heck of it I blew up somebody's face and did one of those nice retouch jobs where you remove all the flaws but leave the texture - it takes way longer than just running a filter but looks ten times better - and it was so much faster and better than using a mouse. Not that I spend a whole lot of time doing that kind of work, but it's nice to have the option and I'm all for anything that speeds up any computer work - I'd rather be hiking.


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