Saturday, August 23, 2008

Macro shots

I just put up some Macro shots in my little non-nude section in the bottom of the main index. I've always done a little macro photography but they tend to be scattered all through other stuff and rather than go through the last few years of material like I did for landscapes, etc. I decided to just start a new section with the idea that now that I have a place to show off this work that I'll do more of it and it will get updated relatively quickly.

One thing I like about macro photography is that if you have the right gear you can pretty much just walk around quickly and find some cool stuff and see what works and doesn't. So if you're feeling a bit frustrated with whatever you're working with it makes a nice quick change of pace. You can also do highly technical, deliberate shots (especially when you're talking about a gnat's eye type macro photography) but even that's pretty straightforward in the sense that you can do it without going someplace exotic or bringing in a model or whatever. Basically for me it's always helped keep photography fresh - it's such a different way of viewing the world.

So the content that is up there right now is literally a single walk through my backyard and garage and back in. So there's the tip of my Christmas tree (live, obviously), two shots of a rotting orange, one of a dahlia, two of the brush I use to clean my grill, and one of the tip of my broom. There were also some California Poppy shots but I wasn't happy with those so I'll try again next time (it was windy and they are so light the images weren't really sharp enough - next time I'll do it without wind or bring one indoors or something). I also played around with water dripping and I wasn't totally pleased with those but made some notes and next time I have the urge to do that I'll refer to my notes and hopefully get better results. Maybe next time I'll find a spider or something - who knows? That for me is part of the fun - just go see what's out there at that small scale and see what it looks like.


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