Thursday, August 14, 2008

Landscapes and such

Well, if you go to the main picture index and scroll way, way, down to the end you can see some new entries. Some of them are still stubs with just a couple of shots, and some could use some trimming down. I'll be adding and deleting items as I go through some more old trips, but it's good to at least have the structure and some pictures in place. I'll probably add a macro section at some point, too, and anything else that's required.

Basically the idea is to make it easy for me to make some of this stuff available for those interested. I've found in general with web stuff it's best to get something online and then improve it instead of really trying to do everything all at once and then never finishing it. And now that I have some work up, any new work I do can be easily compared to what's there and substitutions or additions made as necessary.

I also thought at least some people might appreciate me getting at least some shots online before the prices increase on the 15th (tomorrow!). Speaking of which, I'm making some improvements to the template as long as I have to regenerate everything. Some pages have changes already as I do tests. It's little stuff - tightening things up a bit which helps folks with smaller screens, and you can click on the image to go to the next one instead of clicking on the "next" text, and if you have javascript turned on it will preload the next image which makes a big difference to how the page refresh looks when you hit next - makes it feel much faster. I'll finalize those changes today and they'll go up in a more general way tomorrow.

At some point I'll sit down and make a half dozen or so platinum prints of non-nude stuff - I've sold platinum prints and cyanotypes of Yosemite before, and it's something I should be doing more of, and this should give me a less open ended set of pictures to choose from versus just hunting through five years of stuff at random. I might do it as early as next week - I want to get my cyanotype over platinums I'm working on right now done first.


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