Monday, August 04, 2008

Disney Wedding

I had fun this weekend - went to a wedding at a Disneyland hotel and got to go to the park a bit although it was kind of a crazy driving weekend and there wasn't a whole lot of extra time. I used to work at the park so it's always weird to go back and see what's changed.

Disney does an interesting wedding - at the hotel they have a rose court garden with a gazebo that's fairly private and you can have a hose pulled carriage with footmen and trumpeters and all that bring in the bride (who was wearing a kind of princess dress with a bustle). The footmen can bring in the ring and all that. If you don't already have a church or whatever and want to make an event out of it, it seems like a fun option although you run the risk of making too light of what is fundamentally a serious undertaking. This one was well done though, and it had the Best Wedding Favor ever - Mickey Mouse hats with our names stitched into them.

My understanding is that it's possible to have a wedding in the park itself but it's a rent-the-park kind of thing - much like a corporate event. If you have to ask you can't afford it...


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