Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cyanotype over Platinum news

One thing I recently realized is that I'm at the point where I can make cyanotype over platinum prints, no problem, very regular, no kind of "well it's not what I intended but it looks cool." So I've added them as a shopping cart item for everything on the website - if anybody wants one, go nuts. Now, I'm guessing most people will have trouble visualizing what a particular image will look like with that process, and they'll stick to the pre-made ones on eBay, but I do get requests sometimes for a particular image using that process so this will make it easier for people to just order one instead of emailing back and forth.

In other news, I had a great pre-meet yesterday although it was a bit odd because there was fish stuff all over the studio - the odds and ends you stick in the cabinet under the tank, but since mine flooded out and I had to rip out its bottom to get everything dry it's a bit crazy right now. Still too early to tell if the floor's going to totally recover or not (there's one place with a bad buckle as the wood expanded from the moisture), and it's not like it's easy to replace a board when you have a 55 gallon fish tank sitting over part of the area (I think it's 6 or 7 pounds per gallon - it's not going anywhere). I'm still hoping to move to a larger place around the end of the year and it probably makes sense to paint and refinish the floors at that time so I may just kind of ignore it until then.


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