Monday, August 25, 2008

Canon 50D is announced

For those interested, the 50D's been announced. Seems nice enough, and implies that Canon could easily have a full frame, 20ish megapixel camera with one DIGIC 4 processor at around 5 frames per second as the 5D Mark II or whatever they're going to call it (possibly a 3D/7D split) and with two DIGIC 4 processors their choice of faster or bigger or some of each for the 1D series. I believe the pixel density on the 15D works out to 38MP full frame so they can pretty much go nuts if the quality's there.

But personally I'm more interested in the fact that my fish tank apparently has been leaking very slowly - enough to buckle a floorboard or two. I've got everything drying and I'm basically just hoping that everything will settle back down once it dries out. Grr....


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