Thursday, July 24, 2008

Quick book note

I'm totally out of two of the older books, and there's one signed copy of Shadows left at the eBay store as well as the new book, cleverly named "Nudes". I don't plan on keeping the older books in stock anymore, so consider this a heads up.

Because of the way Lulu works they can print one for you on demand. I'd actually like to start retiring the older books since it's kind of an annual ritual to add one at this point, but the way Lulu works if you sort by best sellers the oldest book comes to the top since it's been around the longest and they calculate it over all time. So I hate to lose the exposure. It's a quandry. (It's really lame with calendars because that means at the start of the calendar season anybody who didn't delete LAST years calendar floats to the top of people trying to sell THIS years calendar).

Oh, and for those who care I'm going to try to get the Sarah Ellis stuff uploaded by the 1st. I've got a lot on my plate right now so it's good if I make a date public because then I have to do it. :-)


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