Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Post Shoot Notes: Sarah Ellis

I spent two hours hiking around the east bay hills with Sarah Ellis this morning. The air quality's improved - you can see the sort of blue sky back there - but no sweeping vistas like normal, it was too icky. But we found lots of little corners that worked well and it's kind of a complex area in terms of microclimates so there's some nice variation in the shots - grasslands, tule reeds, forest. As always I'm writing this to kill time while things are copying - I just grabbed a couple of shots that looked fun from the thumbnails.

It's also a good thing we got an early start. We were in the park at about 7:20am and it was already kind of hot. It was in the 90s yesterday and it's supposed to be warmer today. But since my leg's still beat up pretty bad from my spill the other day I couldn't go that far anyway, so it was a bit shorter than normal. If the lights good sometimes outdoor shoots will be more like 3-4 hours but in a good area with lots of variation and with a good model you can get a ton done in just two.

For those of you keeping track that means I've put up post shoot notes of Maria, CK, and now Sarah Ellis that I still have to edit. Plus I'm not done with my vacation pictures yet. And it gets worse because I'm switching gears away from the smoky outdoors and I've scheduled a bunch of studio shoots out the next week or two. These are mostly with newbie models - frankly a lot of them are bored college students who have extra time during the summer, and they aren't always reliable (kelp levels are high) so I make no promises but there's potential for some great shoots with some charming young women. Basically given the seasonal issues I'm just going to shoot like crazy while the shooting's good and edit later. Print sales are always really slow around July/August anyway (people have better things to do than poke around the Internet all day) so there's not a lot of incentive to rush things. Worst case I'll catch up with my editing when school starts up again and the models kind of dry up for a bit until they get settled into their new classes.


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