Monday, July 07, 2008

Post Shoot Notes: CK

Well, the air quality still isn't everything it might be, but it was good enough for a shoot right on the coast as long as I didn't try to get any kind of sweeping vistas or whatever. You can pretty much see it in the second shot - that's partially just haze but most of it has to do with smoke from all of the fires.

The shoot went well - this is one of my favorite locations on the coast of Marin County but it's about an hour and a half from my house so I make it out there once a year. CK's one of my favorite models so I was really delighted we were able to make it out there.

There was one bit of unpleasantness when I slipped and went down the hill a ways - I have all kinds of scrapes and gouges and things. Luckily I have a little ultralight first aid kit for backpackers that I leave in my hydration pack when I'm not backpacking, and I've started using my hydration pack instead of my camera backpack for nude shoots just because I think it's lower profile and it holds a spare body and flash and extra batteries and such just fine. It's not like I need a huge kit most days. So I could patch myself up a bit before hiking back to the road which was good I think. And I seem to have avoided hitting my head or camera so it could have been a lot worse. And it was basically at the end of the shoot so it didn't affect that at all.

That's a great first aid kit for hiking by the way - it's surprisingly complete and light and it's sealed up against water. There's no real instructions though - if you haven't had training you should probably get something with a guide book (and read it before you need it!) or better yet get some first aid training. And they have even lighter 7 and 5 ounce versions if you really just want something tiny for a day pack.


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I really like your shots of CK.

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