Thursday, July 03, 2008

Pictures and stuff

I'm slowly getting the vacation stuff online on my other site. I'll be putting a few of the shots on sale here as part of a move to getting some of my non-nude catalog up for sale, but if you're just curious about my vacation I have the first couple of sets up.

Death Valley
Hoover Dam
Grand Canyon

In other news...

The air quality is much improved where I am - hopefully it will hold next week and I'll get some shoots done.

I'm hoping to get Maria's set edited in a week or so but I need to make more progress with the vacation shots first.

I removed some ads from the blog that were slowing things down but added in a little visitor map - it's on the right hand sidebar. If you click on it you can see things bigger and with more data. Kind of interesting that of the European traffic so much is from Germany - France and the UK result in a lot more sales. It's just blog traffic - the main site gets enough traffic that you would probably see a lot of time of day effects since it only remembers so many hits back.


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