Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Pictures: Sarah Ellis

I just uploaded the pictures from the latest adventure with Sarah Ellis. At this point I was still in a lot of pain because of the cuts from my fall so it was a bit of a short shoot but I think there's nice stuff in there.

So right now I've finished recalibrating some platinum print stuff - I'll be making lots of new platinum prints next week and hopefully there will be a studio shoot in there. (fingers crossed)

I'm also working on getting the Mouse set online, finishing up the last two parks from my trip, doing a pass through all the pictures on the site and weeding things down a bit (it's a constant process to go back and weed older sets so if you see something you like don't assume it will be around forever). What else... well, once that's done I want to go through a lot of old non-nude material, get that online here and for sale, and then make another platinum printing pass and get some landscapes and things out there. I've had decent luck selling platinum prints of Yosemite and such before and it will become a bit more of a focus in the future.


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