Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Pictures: CK

I've just uploaded the set with CK. That's the shoot where I took a spill down the hill - I'm mostly healed up but there's a cut on my ankle that drives me nuts if I walk for any distance. It's making progress, though, so hopefully it won't be much longer until the whole thing's over with. Meanwhile I'm not getting any exercise and I'm getting cranky.

Stuff that has nothing to do with CK...

I'll get the Sarah Ellis shots up in a week or so and I still have vacation pictures to deal with but I also have some alternative process stuff that needs to get done so I'm not sure of the timing.

A couple of little things I've noticed - I've always had a problem with people doing big searches for "missing images" - they see files numbered 2, 3, 5 and wonder what happened to 4. (answer: 4 sucked) On a large scale this means hundreds of thousands of 404 errors a month as people run automated programs. I did occasionally have an extra picture or two on the server that wasn't linked in because I do edit the shoots down periodically. But I'm now very careful to delete the old files for just this reason - I don't want to encourage this kind of thing. But lately it's gone to directories as well. So if I have a Maria set up and post on the blog that I've done a second shoot people immediately start looking for /Maria2 or /MariaOutdoors - and they might have gotten lucky occasionally because I will sometimes put up a test set so I can check it on another machine. I'd rather people not stumble into partially edited sets so I'll just start putting them on a thumb drive or a local server or something.

The other trend is that I'm getting way more people not only asking me to shoot again with a favorite model but pretty much demanding. And of course these are people who have never bought a print and probably never will. Seriously - if you like a model and want to see more of her, buy a print. It's not the only factor in who comes back for a second or third shoot but it's a factor and you can bet if there's a nice little flurry of sales right when I put up a new shoot I try to get the model booked sooner rather than later. And if you can't afford a print but still want to comment, that's great, but be respectful to both me and the model if you want anybody to take you seriously.


Blogger Wirehead said...

I also am noting that people seem to be running scripts that add filenames like p_007.jpg to the directory names.

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