Monday, July 14, 2008

Generation Gap

So one thing about college aged folks is that they don't use email that much with their friends. It's too slow and they see their friends pretty often and they have text messaging and instant messaging and all that. Forget the phone.

I got reminded of these recently the hard way... but let me tell somebody else's story first (I saw it on a forum recently but have forgotten which one, sorry). He went to buy a mobile phone and wanted a very basic model, no extras, no texting. They went back and forth on this - he didn't just want a minimal package, he wanted no texting at all. Finally in frustration the young clerk asked "But how will you keep in touch with your friends?"

(For those of you under the age of 25: the answer is - with the phone).

Likewise I had a shoot scheduled tomorrow and the model seemed very interested but when I went to reconfirm a couple of days ago I got no response. The messaging system on this modeling site lets me know she read it, so that's not the problem. Finally I sent a followup note saying that she really needed to commit 24 hours before the shoot or I couldn't be ready in time. I basically have a script for all of this - there's also a call the morning of the shoot.

Eventually - well within the 24 hour limit - she sent an excuse. It actually is probably a legit excuse, that's not the point. The part that was funny is that she admitted that she'd read the message but not responded, but that she hadn't replied because she was using her phone for Internet access and it was hard to type on the little keyboard.

Now, never mind that I've used an iPod touch to reply on that same messaging system and it's OK, and she could have just said "can't shoot will explain later" - that's not the point either. The point is... wait for it... she was using a mobile phone. It was in her hand. And my phone number was in the message.

Hmmm... if only there was some way that you could reach somebody with a telephone other than by using its Internet access feature.


It's a shame, too, I would have rescheduled her no problem if she'd contacted me more than 24 hours before the shoot. I'm pretty strict on that rule - it's not philosophical or anything, it's just that every time I make an exception they end up doing it again and after a while you realize that the odds just aren't worth it.

As always when I tell a kelp story - real models who shoot often aren't like this or if they are they learn really fast how to do basic business communication or they don't last. It's the wanna-be gals who do this stuff for the most part. If you're a newbie photographer - hire an experienced model, it's so much easier. You should only be tempting fate with the beginning models if you're like me and you've worked with most of the experienced models in the area and are willing to wade through the muck to find some gems.


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