Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Fire, Fire, everywhere

By the way - if people don't know, there are fires all over California. It's not so bad right here at the moment but there's all of this high altitude stuff - the light is a little orange and for that matter if you look at the hills even a mile away you can see the air quality's really bad. In many areas they're recommending that people stay indoors as much as possible.

I was planning on doing a bunch of outdoor shoots and now I'm not sure what to do - I did the one with Maria on the coast, and that was OK (although I had to color correct out the orange cast), but I was going to do more in the east bay hills and that's not looking so great. Or at least not so great for the "sweeping vista" shots - the more close in ones should be OK.

Basically I'm just going to have to muddle along as best I can.


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